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Avid book readers will know that the epilogue refers to the last section of a book that contains the conclusion of the character’s journey. Once all is said and done, the epilogue is a lot like a story’s happily ever after. In other words, the epilogue has some of the most satisfying and enjoyable parts of the experience, the resolution of the trials and tribulations of each protagonist. This is exactly why we named our newest restaurant Epilogue.

With Epilogue, we worked with Japanese chefs to bring you the best of travel cuisine with our carefully curated menu, always bearing in mind that everything on the menu, each masterpiece, has to be the best that we could offer. Each of these chefs has a story—making pasta from scratch in Italy, baking the perfect wine bread, pairing wagyu with a handcrafted steak demi glace, or gently placing a Belgian chocolate dome on a heap of Italian gelato, and it is here in Epilogue that we bring them all together to showcase the culmination of each of their culinary journeys.


In Japan, kodawari or meticulousness is not an individual trait, but a way of life. The country is known for taking basic ingredients and elevating them to the next level.

This is the very root of our brand concept. We work with chefs who all practice kodawari and they all take pride in pursuing excellence in their chosen culinary specialty. Every one of them has traveled to various parts of the world to learn and train in renowned restaurants and bakeries.

Our Chef



Chef Hiroyuki Meno is the most well-traveled out of all our chefs and his expertise is in French cuisine. He honed and perfected his craft working in various Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Domaine Les Haut Rochse in Loire, France, Le Pont de Ciel in Osaka, Japan, and L’Auberge De L’ill in Tokyo, Japan. He was also the executive chef of Brasserie Paul Bocuse and 1-star Maison Paul Bocuse, both in Tokyo, Japan, and the latter of which is a tie-up with the 3-star Restaurant Paul Bocue in Lyon, France.


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